Every week on Mondays, there will be a new autobelay route put up which starts off easy and gets progressively harder towards the top.  Climbers will be randomly placed in teams of 3 based off of skill level for the duration of the 4-week session. The three skill levels will be: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Climbers will have one attempt to climb as high as they can on the new route anytime during the week. Points will be awarded on how high you climbed compared to other climbers in your respective bracket. A winning team will be declared after 4 weeks and 4 routes.  The winning team will share the prize purse from the entry fees while the second place team will earn their entry fees back.

The deadline to sign up for the first 4-week session will be Sunday, February 16th.  The cost is $5 per person per 4-week session.  Please make sure that you can come in at least one time every week from February 17th to March 16th before signing up.  This competition is open to all punch card holders and members.  Every 4 weeks, we will be redrawing teams, and the best performers in their respective divisions after each 4-week session will be moved up to the next skill level.

Participants will have one minute to examine the climb before their attempt. There will be no studying the route before an attempt other than the initial one minute given and there will be no sharing of strategy between participants. Each climber must make their attempt based on their own skill and technique.

Each climber will be ranked within their division based on the hold reached during their attempt. Your team's ranks will then be assigned points. The team with the highest rank will earn the most points for the given week.  If any team ties another team's rank, they will be assigned the same amount of points. Results and leader board will be posted within the gym and emailed out upon conclusion of each week.

While climbing, the climber must have full control of their movement to be recognized as reaching a specific hold. No slapping holds, or uncontrolled movements will count towards that climber's rank. All final decisions on any discrepancies will be determined by the event coordinator.

All climbers MUST sign up by the Sunday before the next series begins.

Series One sign up deadline: February 16th.

Week 1: February 17th - February 23rd
Week 2: February 24th -  March 2nd
Week 3: March 3rd - March 9th
Week 4: March 10th - March 16th

Series Two sign up deadline: March 16th.

Series Two will begin on March 17th.