I love podcasts. I also love climbing. So when I discovered podcasts about climbing, I almost screamed. I'm not sure why I was surprised, because anybody who knows climbers knows how much we like to sit around and talk about climbing. Here are a few of the best podcasts to keep you entertained during your commute or on your next drive into the sierras.

  1. Enormocast. Chris Kalous is a serious conversationalist and fantastic climber with nearly 30 years of experience. In well over a hundred episodes, Kalous brings in climbers from all around the world for interviews, discussions, and tributes, aiming to "demystify climbing while simultaneously building its mythology.”

  2. Chalk Talk. John Blomquist interviews not just athletes but all the behind-the-scenes players of our beloved sport, including routesetters, coaches, gym-owners, and climbing companies. Blomquist's podcast explores and analyzes today's biggest climbing events and helps to illuminate the future of the industry.

  3. Bad Beta. Just over two years old, this podcast is hosted by Matthew Sapiecha, Anna Pirko, Steve and Andrew. It is less structured than Enormocast and Chalk Talk, consisting mostly of humorous, casual conversations and arguments about all things climbing. Its centerpiece is controversiality for its own sake.

  4. Training Beta. Neely Quinn is not only a climber herself but also a coach and nutritionist. Her focus is training, and as such, she interviews a wide variety of guests including surgeons, physical therapists, professional athletes, and other trainers. Their topics range from technique to diet to general philosophy, and Quinn's goal is to help you "train smart and climb hard."

Check out https://www.owltail.com/podcasts for lists of some all time favorite episodes or just jump right in. All except Training Beta are on Spotify!