At Top Out Climbing we have a  pro shop for all your gym climbing needs! Whether you're looking for some new shoes, a harness or some snacks while you're climbing, we have it.



Mad Rock Drifter
Mad Rock Flash 2.0
Mad Rock Pulse + & -
Mad Rock Mad Monkey


Black Diamond Primrose
Black Diamond Momentum SA
Black Diamond Wiz Kid
Mad Rock Mars
Mad Rock Venus


Top Out T-Shirt
Top Out Athletic Shirt
Top Out Sweat Shirt

Chalk & Chalk Bags:

Mad Rock
Friction Labs: Unicorn Dust, Bam Bam & Gorilla Grip
Black Diamond
KJ Chalk Bags
Black Diamond Loose Chalk
Refillable Chalk Ball


Climb On! Lotion Bar, Jei Bah, Black Diamond Brush Set, Lycan Brush, Assorted Black Black Diamond Carabiners, Yoga Mats, Climbers Tape & Square Bottles